Monthly Archives: March 2012

Making the Most of Your CSA Share

Our CSA season is around the corner and I am very excited to start receiving a share again. We have a month (plus or minus) until asparagus comes on!! I would ideally love to grow everything we eat ourselves, but we just don’t have enough space. And our CSA grows such beautiful, delicious food, I can’t resist signing up year after year. They take good care of their members, using a blog, Yahoo group and Facebook to help foster community. They’ve even put together a cookbook full of recipes submitted by CSA members over the years.

All CSA’s are as different as the members and farmers who run them. Since we are heading into our fifth year with Monroe Organic Farms, our CSA, I thought I’d offer up some of my best tips on making the most of your share.

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Are You Interested in Cooking Classes?

Jacquie is trying to gauge if there is enough interest from CSA members to offer some cooking classes – won’t you take a minute to answer the survey if you have any interest?